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Walter Schäppi’s Ultimate Nits Guide 

The complete list of  every record ever made by Nits

When I started in 1996 the then-titled Nits Discography, my original intention was to bring a viable order to my growing Nits collection. But already in the same year, there was a new title:

(The) Nits

An overview of all LPs, singles, maxis, CDs, videos, sessions, 

TV and radio performances, bootlegs and tapes:

If I had known what this really meant to me, I would probably have started it anyway!

1996, that was 13 years after my first Nits concert in Zürich, Switzerland. 

I first heard some Nits songs between Work and Omsk. I know, it's a long time ago, but I think, Ruedi Fehlmann (then owner of a famous record store) gently forced me to listen to a band he was very fond of, THE NITS. And then came Eric Facon‘s tape with his selection of their best songs. It was OK, but didn't impress me as earth-shaking. I was converted like many others during my first Nits concert a few weeks later. Only a few bands turned me on enough to be interested in seeing them for a second time. I have attended more than 20 gigs (Nits, Nits solo) and each was fantastic in its own way. 

Although  the former title "(The) Nits ..." was replaced by various others, up to today's Nits Guide, the really boastful title from back then comes closer and closer to the claim of completeness. Nowadays would have been the moment to publish everything in book form, but in today's digital time...........

At this point, I would like to express my thanks to all who have supported me in this process, namely Ruedi, Clemens and Dennis.