bandmembers 1981 - 1984

Henk Hofstede guitars, keyboards , vocals

Rob Kloet  drums

Michiel Peters guitars, vocals

Robert Jan Stips keyboards

Nits looking in various directions.

They're really sure they put a saw somewhere but cannot find it


Alex Roelofs

left the band in 1982. He now works as a graphic designer


first gig in Paris was in The Midnight Express in La Défence, 1982

Magazine Aktueel had an item about groupies. Two girls telling everything they had done (which was a lot) with bands like Simple Minds and U2. There also was a photo of the welldressed Nits. Brigitte declares: "with those guys we just had a nice chat. For the rest nothing happened."

Robert Jan and Rob playing backgammon backstage at the                                    Olympia in Paris, where we played as a support act for Marianne Faithfull.


single: slip of the tongue / oriental skies


Swiss tour




single : red tape / goodbye, mr. chips!

roadies Tom, André and Leszek in front of our truck (Mercedes 913) that once belonged to an import - export firm
there are many songs about hotel rooms but surprisingly none of them is about this one in Hof, Germany
what music did we play when we were on the road? in the car cassette collection we find B.E.F., depeche mode, human league, assorted folk, Delius, Brahms,and recordings from our own Werf studio
Tapio Korjus organised our First tour in Finland, and kept on doing that ever since.
Tapio paid us lots of money
 and kept on doing that ever since.