bandmembers 2003 - now

Henk Hofstede guitars, vocals

Rob Kloet drums

Robert Jan Stips  keyboards


Doing The Dishes, released january 1st, is the 19th studioalbum of the Nits and holds 15 songs, mainly uptempo. The wintertour starts january 9th at the Oude Luxor theatre in Rotterdam and brings the band to Belgium, Finland, France, Luxemburg and Switzerland. As a stage setup, the band brings a lightshow consisting of 170 lamps that were found on the street, borrowed or donated bij friends.

Round Christmas a book is released, the TRUCE Diaries. A Swiss publishing company asked the band to keep a diary during the recording of Doing the Dishes. The result is a collection of fragments and sketches by the three bandmembers and an interview with Hofstede, plus a cd with rough demos from the Dishes sessions.

Henk Hofstede joins forces with Dutch icons Henny Vrienten and Frank Boeijen for a tour through Holland and Germany. The trio releases an album: Aardige Jongens (Nice Boys). Starting from september they bring a theatreprogram, ending at the Amsterdam Carré theatre. At this final show , Henk horrifies the audience by falling into a four meters deep orchestra pit.

 Rob Kloet plays with Mist and Robert Jan Stips does solo shows.


no man's land

toe in the water 

the great caruso 

the flowers

in dutch fields 

five & dime 

lenin & the wounded angel 

cowboys & indians 

i'm a fly

mrs sunlight 



yesterday you 

the twins

quote from Leonard Cohen that inspired the album title