single 26A clouds in the sky

bandmembers 2001 - 2002

Henk Hofstede guitars, vocals

Rob Kloet drums

Arwen Linnemann bass

Laetitia van Krieken  keyboards

Leona Philippo vocals


More touring through Europe. Vera van der Poel (Mimezine) replaces Leona Philippo, who leaves the band to star in the musical Aïda. The single 26A Clouds In The Sky features a remix by the Fin Kimmo Kajasto.

vera van der poel

Songs from Wool, played live at De Lichtfabriek

dvd, track list:

1.Crime & Punishment

2.Walking with Maria

3.Ivory Boy

4.26 A


6.The Wind, the Rain

7.The Strawberry Girl

8.Jazz Bon Temps

9.7 Green Parrots

10.Angel of Happy Hour

11.The 'Darling' Stone

Leona took part in a tv competition for the leading role in the musical Aida. She didn’t win but became understudy.

Nowadays she has her own band, Leona