bandmembers 1998 - 2000

Henk Hofstede guitars, vocals

Rob Kloet drums

Arwen Linnemann bass

Laetitia van Krieken  keyboards

1. Sister Rosa

2. Three Sisters

3. Hold Me Geneva

4. Robinson

5. The Changing Room

6. Louder & Louder

7. H. O. M.

8. All I Want

9. The Light

10. Rainfallagain

11. House of Jacob

12 Soul Man

13. Letter To E

1998 - 1999 

Hofstede and Kloet record the album ALANKOMAAT. The title is the Finnish word for The Netherlands. Apart from Finnish guestmusicians as Kimmo Kajasto, Wimme, Ursula and Tuuni Länsman (Angelit Tyttöt), the new bandmembers Titia van Krieken (keyboards, backingvocals, ex Soft Parade) and Arwen Linnemann (bass, backingvocals) contribute to the album.

In 1998 and 1999 the Nits do an elaborate tour through the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Switserland, Austria and of course Finland.

Another solo cd by Robert Jan Stips : Greyhound, on tour with Mark Boon – guitar and Judith Sijp – violoncello.