concertpromotor gives audience an 

advance warning concerning scary drummer 

Dankzij De Dijken results in a record and a video of the same name, and both are, thanks to a television broadcast in march '95, very successful. 

In the same period Nits produce the music for Bedlam Brittanica a BBC-docudrama. In october the band compiles their greatest hits and some new songs on Nest, their self-produced video clips on Vest and rare recordingsl on the CD Quest.

 The single Broken Wing of Nest has as an extra a bonus cd with three Beatles covers, with which the group joins the revived Beatlemania following the Anthology project. For the Boudewijn de Groot-tribute Als De Rook Is Verdwenen they cover the song Een Meisje Van 16 (Une enfant de 16 ans)

bandmembers 1992 - 1996

Martin Bakker bass 

Henk Hofstede guitars, vocals

Rob Kloet drums

Peter Meuris percussion, violin

Robert Jan Stips  keyboards

Freek de Jonge’s translation of JOS days

NITS in concert promo cd with live concert + interviews

made by Radio Nederland Wereldomroep

FReek + nITS = FRITS

a great promotional item for a band that had a stage full of piles of straw

In Japan they make backstage passes by copying random words from your passport.This one had the text 'echtgenoot van Stips' (husband of Stips)

Manager Aad Link and Paul Telman trying to enhance their artistic appeal

Youssou N’dour doesn’t want to give Henk his bike back