bandmembers 1990 - 1992

Henk Hofstede guitars, keyboards , vocals

Rob Kloet drums

Robert Jan Stips  keyboards

Track list for Giant Normal Dwarf

1. Radio Shoes

2. Ice Princess

3. Boy in a Tree

4. There From Here

5. Sugar River

6. Around the Fish

7. Fountain Man

8. Apple Orchard

9. Long Forgotten Story

10. Giant Normal Dwarf

11. Moon Moon

12. The Night Owl

13. The House of the Sleeping Beauties

14. The Infinite Shoeblack

Joke Geraets left the band in 1991, 

before the recording of Giant Normal Dwarf. She was suffering from a chronical injury to her hand. She is now active as a choir conductor.


long forgotten story

4 track single

picture from the GND tour, featuring Henk as the King of Belgium


In the beginning of '91 Nits go on tour without Geraets, who leaves the band a short while later. During the tour, the group plays as opening act of the prestigeous New Music Seminar in New York in july and a second time in Roskilde.

single : radio shoes

tableau de la troupe,made at the end of the Giant Normal Dwarf tour

at the shooting of the radio shoes video clip

torni, music for 2 towers