bandmembers 1985 - 1986

Henk Hofstede guitars, keyboards , vocals

Joke Geraets bass

Rob Kloet drums

Petra Lugtenburg  vocals

Robert Jan Stips  keyboards


In may, HENK is released, a somewhat experimental sounding record. No hits, but with good international response.

The group present their own label Werf Records with the project LA GRANDE PARADE, on which 39 Dutch musicians from groups like W.A.T., MAM, Tent, The Dutch and 5 Slag 1 Wijd take inspiration from the exhibition of the same name in the Stedelijk Museum,Amsterdam

trascklist HENK (lp)

1. Bike in Head

2. Port of Amsterdam

3. Typist of Candy

4. Home Before Dark

5. The Singing Telegram

6. Erom On

7. Sleep (What Happens to Your Eyes)

8. Pillow Talk

9. Cabins

10. Under a Canoe

11. Crane-Driver

12. 5 Hammering Men

at the Saapasjalka Rock festival, Pihtipudas, Finland

single : typist of candy / her second office

single : sleep / the potatoe eaters

polaroid of promo photo



Setlist july 6, 1986

Vondelpark, Amsterdam

single : Cabins / Cabins (live)

Petra Lugtenburg left the band for reasons of being overcomplete. In 1998 she released a sort of triphop-album, called P'etra