bandmembers 1985 - 1986

Henk Hofstede guitars, keyboards , vocals

Joke Geraets bass

Rob Kloet drums

Petra Lugtenburg  vocals

Robert Jan Stips  keyboards

henk and paul at the mixing desk at our werf studio


Adieu, Sweet Bahnhof doesn't bring success the Nits hoped for. In the summer of 1985, after finishing their promotion tour, guitar player Michiel Peters decides to leave the band, as he prefers a carreer as a lawyer over playing with the Nits. His

place is taken by to two guest musicians, Petra Lugtenburg (backing vocals) and Joke Geraets (bass)

Michiel Peters left Nits in 1984. 

He liked making music, but was 

not too happy to be in the music 

business. He finished Sociology- 

and Law-studies. He made a solo album called THE INFANT KING.

Joke Geraets, Henk Hofstede and Petra Lugtenburg at the 

Paradiso in 1985, during the Henk Tour