bandmembers 2005 - now

Henk Hofstede guitars, vocals
Rob Kloet  drums
Robert Jan Stips  keyboards
the wind-up bird
 1 track promo cd
Henk Hofstede continues his tour along Dutch theatres to promote his solo album Het Draagbare Huis.
 On september 8th, Nits do a special concert at the Paard in The Hague, together with the Residentie Orchestra conducted by Hans Leenders. Completed with Vera van der Poel (Mimezine) the band plays new and existing arrangements of classic titles  like Crime and Punishment, In the Dutch Mountains, Giant Normal Dwarf and Sketches of Spain. Arrangements made by Martin Fondse, Henk Huizinga and Herman Jeurissen.
Nits had played in the UK before, but the concert at Bush Hall, Sheperds Bush is the first serious show in London. Part of the Les Nuits tour, that takes Nits along theatres in the Netherlands, belgium, Germany, Finland and Switzerland. LES NUITS is also the title of the studioalbum that is released end of october. On the cd, Nits are Hofstede, Kloet and Stips, with guest contributions of the Mondriaan Quartet and singers Marjolein van der Klauw (Powderblue) and Ciska Ruitenberg.
The Dutch edition of the book Yesterdays Tomorrow,  a very personal Leonard Cohen biography by the Flemish author Marc Hendrickx,  holds a cd with nine Cohen covers by Henk Hofstede, Pim Kops (De Dijk, keyboards) and singer Marjolein van der Klauw.

1 Les nuits

2 rising sun

3 the eiffel tower

4 the red dog

5 the long song

6 the launderette

7 the pizzeria

8 the key shop (war & peace)

9 the wind up bird

10 the hole

11 the milkman