bandmembers 2003 - 2005

Henk Hofstede guitars, vocals
Rob Kloet  drums
Laetitia van Krieken  keyboards + violin
Robert Jan Stips  keyboards


Manager Aad Link had also re-joined NITS forces: apart from NITS-territories like France, Belgium, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Canada (F), new places like Barcelona and Winnipeg on the NITS map. In Canada, the group is accompanied by the Barenaked Ladies, who organise a surprise show.

After six and a half year, Titia van Krieken leaves the Nits.
A live DVD of the Dutch ‘1974’ tour, recorded march 20 at the Paradiso in Amsterdam was released in fall.

Henk Hofstede tours along Dutch theatres to promote his solo album Het Draagbare Huis.

 4 track promo cd france

2004 - march 20

paradiso amsterdam

recording of the dvd 2004


DVD, track list:

  1. 1.The Train

  2. 2.Bike In Head

  3. 3.Aquarium

  4. 4.Sketches Of Spain

  5. 5.Doppelganger

  6. 6.Boy In A Tree

  7. 7.Savoy

  8. 8.Nescio

  9. 9.A Touch Of Henry Moore

  10. 10.Espresso Girl

  11. 11.J.O.S. Days

  12. 12.The Infinite Shoeblack

  13. 13.Cars & Cars

  14. 14.Eifersucht

  15. 15.Welcome Back

  16. 16.With Used Furniture We Make A Tree

  17. 17.The House

  18. 18.Rumspringa

  19. 19.In The Dutch Mountains

  20. 20.Home Before Dark

  21. 21.Adieu Sweet Bahnhof