bandmembers 1998 - 2000

Henk Hofstede guitars, vocals

Rob Kloet  drums

Arwen Linnemann bass

Laetitia van Krieken keyboards


The album WOOL gets released by  PIAS - after twenty years, the band finally left their label Columbia. The single Ivory Boy is about Patrick Iliohan, a fan of the Nits who suffered from cancer. His last wish was to record an album together with the Nits. The band have helped him recording some of his songs.

During the sessions for the WOOL album, Hofstede records a Swedish

disco record with lyrics from the book How & What in Swedish", released

in 2003 as Wacker Utsickt

Sony publishes a remastered NITS HITS album, featuring all their singles. The release has a bonus cd with songs from the live album URK.

Nits record Songs from Wool played live at De Lichtfabriek in Haarlem, a TV special. The group invited a number of guestsmusicians  for this, like the Zapp string quartet, the Stylus Horns, Leona Philippo (vocals) , Ibenise McBean (vocals) and Peter Meuris (percussion).

During the celebrations of four hundred years of trade relations between the

Netherlands and Japan, Nits go to Tokyo for a number of appearances

together with Junkie XL and Arling & Cameron.

In the cafe Stairway To Heaven in Utrecht their is a fan day for the

celebration of the 25th anniversary of the band. A lot of old members

are there as well. One of the highlights of the day is the appearance

of Lice, a group founded for this day, made up from Nits fans from

different countries.

Robert-Jan Stips makes the music for the exposition Rembrandt 2000.


ivory boy
walking with maria
26a(clouds in the sky)
the 'darling' stone
seven green parrots
crime & punishment
angel of happy hour
the wind the rain
jazz bon temps
the strawberry girl

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1 track promo cd

we started the WOOL tour in Estonia

single : ivory boy

the wind the rain

4 track single

Robert Jan Stips - Rembrandt 2000

An audio contribution to the 'Rembrandt 2000' exhibition, taking place in the last months of the first millennium [22 9 1999 / 7 1 2000] in The Hague, Holland

‘By isolating typical pieces of baroque 'language' and moving them into new surroundings I was getting close to a picture of what could have been Rembrandts fantasy about the future music in the year 2000: Barock-With-A-Twist ’