During the promotion tour for NEST, where Nits play their hits, Robert-Jan Stips announces that he will leave the group. On august, 24th, Nits give him a public farewell with an impressive appearance during the Amsterdam Uitmarkt, televised live in the Netherlands.

Together with Stips, Peter Meuris and Martin Bakker also leave the band. Manager Aad Link also stops most of his work for the band, but will occasionally organise tours and fully returns in 2003.

Hofstede tours with the Swiss band "Stop The Shoppers".

bandmembers 1992 - 1996

Martin Bakker bass

Henk Hofstede guitars, vocals

Rob Kloet  drums

Peter Meuris  percussion, violin

Robert Jan Stips keyboards

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Robert Jan Stips imitates the whale he just saw at Tadoussac



reading, uk

womad festival

VHS, track list:

  1. 1.In The Dutch Mountains

  2. 2.Soap Bubble Box

  3. 3.Radio Shoes

  4. 4.Adieu Sweet Bahnhof 1989

  5. 5.dA dA dA

  6. 6.Broken Wing

  7. 7.Giant Normal Dwarf

  8. 8.The Train

  9. 9.J.O.S. Days

  10. 10.The Panoramaman

  11. 11.Cars & Cars

  12. 12.Dreams

  13. 13.Long Forgotten Story

  14. 14.Home Before Dark

  15. 15.Mask

  16. 16.Adieu Sweet Bahnhof 1985


1.    Broken Wing

2.    JOS Days

3.    Adieu, Sweet Bahnhof

4.    Bike in Head

5.    Nescio

6.    The Dream

7.    A Touch of Henry Moore

8.    Mask

9.    Dutch Mountains

10.    Bauhaus Chair

11.    Soap Bubble Box

12.    Radio Shoes

13.    Sketches of Spain

14.    Red Tape

15.    The Train

16.    dAdAdA

17.    Giant Normal Dwarf

18.    Cars & Cars

19.    Home Before Dark

20.    Road not Taken

1.    House on House

2.    The Concrete Brothers Go Bankrupt

3.    Rythm of the Rain

4.    Nickel & Wood

5.    The Magic of Lassie 2

6.    Maria & the Iceman

7.    Yellow Press

8.    Yöpöllö

9.    Bild am Sonntag (acapella version)

10.    Typist of Candy

11.    Fishes

12.    Tear Falls

13.    The Singing Telegram

14.    Table Town

15.    De Rode Vaas

16.    Sometime in Winter

17.    King of Belgium

18.    Cold Grey Morning

19.    Stay

20.    The Potatoe Eaters


French version of BROKEN WING, by Nits + French singer Kent


collector’s item:

the NEST box