bandmembers 1986 - 1990

Henk Hofstede guitars, keyboards , vocals

Joke Geraets bass

Rob Kloet  drums

Robert Jan Stips keyboards

In their own country, the group reaches their commercial climax with the triple live-album URK, released in october, with the hit Adieu, Sweet Bahnhof. URK is Holland’s first platinum triple LP. The video URK is recorded during a concert at the Amsterdam Stadsschouwburg.

In '89, Nits (as they call themselves from now on) get the BV Popprijs as well as an Gouden Harp and another Edison for Urk.

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VHS, (rereleased as DVD)

track list:

  1. 1.The dream

  2. 2.Two skaters

  3. 3.Sketches of Spain

  4. 4.Adieu sweet bahnhof

  5. 5.A touch of Henry Moore

  6. 6.An eating house

  7. 7.Nescio

  8. 8.The hat

  9. 9.Port of Amsterdam

  10. 10.Mask

  11. 11.In the dutch mountains

  12. 12.Cabins

  13. 13.Tons of Ink

cd 1

1    The Train

2.    Adieu Sweet Bahnhof

3.    J.O.S. Days

4.    Sketches of Spain

5.    In the Dutch Mountains

6.    The Dream

7.    The Swimmer

8.    The House

9.    Two Skaters

10.    Cabins

11.    Nescio

12.    Pelican & Penguin

13.    Telephone Song

14.    Dapperstreet

cd 2

1.    Port of Amsterdam

2.    Bike in Head

3.    Mountain Jan

4.    Walter & Connie

5.    A Touch of Henry Moore

6.    The Bauhaus Chair

7.    Under a Canoe

8.    Shadow of a Doubt

9.   Mask

10.    Home Before Dark

11.    The Panorama Man

12.    Slip of the Tongue

13.    An Eating House

14.    Red Tape

15.    Tons of Ink


Paul succesfully trying to impress Russian girls



our truck at the Red square


if you’ve played at l’Olympia in Paris, you’re no longer a musician. You’re a artist.