bandmembers 1986 - 1990

Henk Hofstede guitars, keyboards , vocals

Joke Geraets bass

Rob Kloet  drums

Robert Jan Stips keyboards

The sober mini-album Hat and the single The Dream consolidate the success in the Netherlands, where they get another Edison award and a gold record.  Outside the Dutch borders there’s a tour through Europe, the Soviet Union and the United States.

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the train

1 sided 7" promo Spain, cover different from normal

the train

7":  labels wrong side up

the train flexidisk 7" postcard


Tracklist for HAT

1. The Train 4:08
2. Blue 4:04
3. The Dream 4:20
4. The Bauhaus Chair 2:43
5. The Hat 4:28
6. The House 3:49

single: the dream / the house

single : in a play