bandmembers 1986 - 1990

Henk Hofstede guitars, keyboards , vocals

Joke Geraets bass

Rob Kloet  drums

Robert Jan Stips keyboards

On the album In The Dutch Mountains, released in october, the Nits, with Geraets now as a permanent member, reinvent themselves. The title song is a hit in many European countries, in Austria even a #1 hit, and in the Netherlands the group gets another 'Edison'.

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1.    In the Dutch Mountains
2.    J.O.S. Days
3.    Two Skaters
4.    Pelican and Penguin
5.    In a Play (das M„dchen im Pelz)
6.    Oom-Pah-Pah
7.    The Panorama Man
8.    Mountain Jan
9.    One Eye Open
10.    An Eating House
11.    The Swimmer
12.    Good Night
13.    Strangers of the Night
14.    The Magic of Lassie
15.    Moon and Stars

In the Dutch Mountains was recorded live in the studio.

Because the studio didn't have a seperate vocal cabin,

Henk did the vocals for JOS days from a car parked outside.


single : panorama man / panorama man (retired)


single : jos days / yksi kaksi kolme


testpressing uk

in the dutch mountains


in the dutch mountains



1 cent pin with original 1951 cent, made by record company to celebrate the sales of 50000 copies of the LP In the Dutch Mountains